This #GivingTuesday
Give a Friendship

We all know that relationships can be hard. But, for many of us, they’re the very reason we make it through a day.
Imagine having no friends to call when something goes wrong – or, when something goes right and you want to celebrate!
Imagine eating every meal (often pieced together from scraps throughout the day) as you stand with a sign on the side of the road and people drive by without even a glance in your direction.
Imagine closing your eyes and trying to sleep, outside in the cold, and have no one to say “goodnight” to.
Isolated. Alone. Ignored.
But then, one day, a true friend shows up. They take you to a restaurant. They listen. They talk. You have a real conversation.
This is what our volunteers love to do. They take their new homeless friends out for a meal. They build a relationship. Over time, they look for ways to help bring lasting life change.
And this is what you can make possible by giving to Babysteps. An average meal for two at an average restaurant costs about $18.49. Would you consider picking up the tab for one or more meals per month?

More Giving Options

We realize not everyone will be able to give a monthly gift. If that’s you, please consider a one-time gift. Or, if you’d like to take baby steps and start small, maybe you’d be interested in our Baby Steps Plan.