Childlike faith and homelessness

If you’ve ever traveled through the city with a child, you may have heard questions like “Why is that man digging in the garbage can?” or “What does that woman’s sign say?” or “Wow! That big box looks like my fort! Does he live there?!”

Undoubtedly, many parents hurriedly glance in the direction of their child’s gaze and then quickly appease the child with a vague answer that won’t prompt more questions.


Well, if they give too much attention to it, their child might ask enough questions to make them feel guilty about not taking action to end this person’s difficult experience.

But, let’s think about that for a second. We’re called to have faith like a child, so shouldn’t we at least consider a child’s point of view in various areas of life?

Why not ask questions about the homeless? Why not feel challenged about what we see?

Let’s stop pushing the facts under the surface to make ourselves feel better and instead face the truth.

Let’s SEE the issue of homelessness. Maybe even see it with faith like a child.

Join us on June 3rd as we take a fresh, prayerful look at homelessness in our city.