Want to Make Homelessness Personal?


Here’s how you can get involved!

Babysteps needs funds, but we need committed volunteers even more. For now, we can run our whole program for less than $2000 per month. But without volunteers, we can’t do much of anything.
For individuals, churches, and businesses who want to fight homelessness in Seattle and beyond, there are many ways you can help.
Look at the list below and contact us if you’re interested in learning more. Here’s what we need:



Relational Meal Events:Help prepare a Meal before our Relational Events!

We need 10-15 people to make these events happen. Our goal is to do one per week.
  • Shop for the food
  • Prepare food beforehand
  • Coordinate logistics, like getting food, items, and people to the event
  • Serve meals to the homeless on Saturdays
  • Initiate conversations and relationships
This is the simplest way to see what we do and try us out. It’s a one-time commitment.


Multimedia Productions:

Photos and Videos – Anyone with photography, video production or editing experience is welcome to help create more of this content for our website and other outreaches.
Web design – We have a nonprofit copywriter specialist, but we are limited in our design capabilities and could use some knowledgeable help for specific items.


Storage Space:

Have extra space somewhere you’re not using? We need a small place to store some of our donated items and food preparation materials (like plates, forks, etc)


Reach out to Corporate and Business Donors:

Are you good on the phone? Like to rally people to get involved? Contact restaurants and stores on our behalf and ask if they want to donate food items or meals.


Friendship Leaders:

For those who want to directly impact someone’s life and have the relational skills to do it, we need more people to follow up and build long term relationships with homeless people. Each person can only handle so many, so the more Friendship Leaders we have, the more homeless people we can help. Eventually, we plan to make these paid positions.


Spread the Word on Social Media:

It doesn’t take much, but it can make a big difference. Tell your friends about us. Send them to our website and our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Churches and Organizations

Every Saturday, we want to hold a Relational Meal Event.
At these Events, we feed over a hundred homeless people and try to initiate conversations and relationships with them.
Our goal is to have a different church or organization sponsor and run an Event one Saturday each month.
This would mean they rally their people and get a group of 10-15 who can perform all the tasks listed up above under Relational Meal Events.


We want to partner with you to help improve the streets of Seattle, Highline, Renton, and the rest of King County. Here’s what you can do:
  • Donate funds to help Babysteps reach more homeless people. We’ll list your business on our website as a generous donor
  • Donate food gift cards to grocery stores
  • Offer to prepare meals for one of our Saturday events

For everyone – again if you want to learn more about getting involved, please contact us and someone will get back to you shortly.

Or, give today with a one-time or recurring gift, and help end homelessness permanently, one person at a time.