You see them every day

couple-walking-by-homeless-2Unless you stay home all day every day, it is likely that you see homeless people –or the remnants of their encampment– at least once on a daily basis.
In fact, some of you may even have homeless people living on your street. You see them building their home out of cardboard or folding up their sleeping bag in the morning. You may notice a car parked down the street with what looks to be a lifetime of keepsakes packed to the brim inside and a person –or even a family– crawling inside at night.
They’re here. In Seattle.
And unless we do something that works, the numbers are just going to grow.
As much as the city has tried to help, we believe they’re just making it worse. They’re giving away free things on a regular basis without providing any real support to empower the homeless to use the resources they’re giving away.


Babysteps Ministry has the answer to homelessness

Yes. That is a bold statement, but it’s true! We have the answer to solve homelessness.
It’s not a quick fix and it’s not easy. But, it’s also not the “band-aide on an infected wound” our city is providing either.
The answer? Relationship.
Let’s say that again: Relationship.

not-rocket-science-copyWhat? How??

Great question! We’d love to share with you our mission, vision, and method in more detail at our next Homeless Training Event.
As scary as it sounds, it’s actually not rocket science. It’s really just a few communication skills mixed in with some compassion, empathy, and of course, Jesus. The result is a powerful recipe that can change lives.
If you give us one Saturday morning, we believe you’ll leave empowered to relate to homeless people in new, profound ways. You’ll never look at the “dirty” homeless person down the street the same way again.
In fact, you may leave seeing that person how God sees him or her. Treasured, Beautiful, and Designed for Good Works.


Homeless Training Event Details

Most of our training events occur on Saturdays from 9a-12p at a church in Edmonds. We try to hold one at least 3 times per year.
You’re welcome to attend as many as you like since each one is usually a bit tweaked as we find ways to improve our presentations.
You can expect snacks and coffee as well as a great deal of encouraging community. Additionally, come expecting to learn:
  • How to begin a conversation with a homeless person
  • Specific communication skills that keep the conversation going
  • How to introduce Jesus into the conversation without being pushy
  • More about our mission & vision at Babysteps Ministry
  • Ways you can make a personal impact in the lives of the homeless in our city
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    Next Training Event: May 19, 2018

    We don’t currently have a sign-up form available, but you can either sign up for our newsletter or send an email to to get added to our RSVP list.