Your Small Steps Give Big Hope to Seattle’s Homeless

Join the Babysteps Plan, and make a life-changing impact for people experiencing homelessness.

Chronic homelessness isn’t caused by a lack of food or shelter. It’s caused by despair. It’s hard to change when it feels like everything is against you, no one really cares, and you lack the confidence and self-worth to believe it’s possible.
Babysteps doesn’t just hand out food. We use food with the goal of starting relationships. We use it to minister hope. To restore confidence. To empower Seattle’s homeless people to believe their lives can still change.
People battling homelessness need your help to make this possible. The Babysteps Plan is a step-wise giving plan that starts small and scales up every three months. It’s a simple way you can make a profound impact through a committed ministry of love and discipleship.
You start with just $1.50 a month. Can you spare that change?

help Seattle's homeless with the babysteps giving planBaby Step 1:
$1.50 per month

It may not seem like much. But with about $1.50, you can feed one person at a Relational Meal Event. And, since every person matters a great deal, your $1.50 matters too.
By signing up for this plan, your credit card will automatically be charged $1.50 once per month for 3 months. Then, on the 4th month, your gift will increase to Baby Step 2.


Baby Step 2: $3 per month

$3 per month will feed 2 people at a Relational Meal Event. That’s no small thing!
This time, your card will be charged $3.00 once per month for 3 months. Then, on the 4th month, your gift will automatically increase to Baby Step 3.


Baby Step 3: $6 per month

This step doubles your impact to 4 people. Just think where you were only 6 months ago!
After 3 months at $6 per month, your gift will automatically increase to Baby Step 4.


Baby Step 4: $12 per month

At $12 per month, your gift feeds 8 people. That’s terrific!
But this amount can be used for something even better. $12 per month provides for a 1-hr one-on-one discipleship session between a trained volunteer and a Seattle homeless person they’re discipling. This usually happens over coffee or a simple lunch. This is when baby steps get taken, and it’s why we exist! This is how your giving changes lives, in these powerful moments.
Once you reach Baby Step 4, your monthly gift will remain at $12 per month until you choose to increase the amount on your own. Perhaps you’ll consider doubling your gift again and giving $24 per month. It’s up to you what your next baby step will look like.


Please complete the form below to sign up for The Baby Steps Plan. You may also choose to give a one-time gift or a different recurring gift amount.