Empower a Homeless Person to Escape the Streets


What is the greatest gift?

Homeless man with signIt’s relationship. Acceptance. Someone to walk alongside you. This is what homeless people need the most, and what they get the least. They receive a lot of free food and clothing. They get to stay at shelters, and sometimes get a free shower.
All that’s important, but—


They rarely get a friend who takes the time to care.


This is the mission of Babysteps Ministry. We make homelessness personal by getting into their lives and leading them to take the steps that will free them from the hopeless cycle.


What better way than to share a meal?

We have discovered that sharing a meal (not merely giving a meal) is the best way to begin friendships and show our care and love for the homeless of Seattle.
For about $1.50, we can feed one person at a Relational Meal Event. And, every person matters so there is no amount too small to give.

More ways to give

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Otherwise, you can mail a check to:

Babysteps Ministry
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Edmonds, WA 98026
United States

When you change someone else’s life, your life changes too.

We have many giving options; please choose the one that works best for you. Thank you for your generosity.

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Join our growing list of monthly donors that show our homeless friends how much we all care.

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Give a One-Time Gift

With your donation, we can spend time building relationships and helping our homeless friends find a way out.

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Join the Baby Steps Plan

We believe in baby steps in every aspect of life – even giving.
Here is a baby step plan for you.

Start small.
Make a difference today.


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