You Have the Answer to Help Homeless People Escape the Streets


You are the one they’re waiting for. 

help homeless people like this man holding a signHomeless people have been maligned, blamed, ignored, written off, and forgotten – sometimes for years. Some haven’t spoken to their families in over ten years.

They battle addiction, mental illness, and worst of all – utter despair and apathy. They have needs and wants. They need food and various services. But deep down, they want acceptance. They want friends. They want to matter, to someone.

That someone can be you.

Your gift doesn’t pay for donuts and chips. You’re giving nutritious, hearty meals. But the meals you provide give each homeless person a much greater opportunity:

The chance to start a life-changing relationship with our volunteers that’s based on the love of Jesus and the power of God.

What better way than to help homeless people than to share a meal?

Sharing a meal (not merely giving a meal) is the best way to show your compassion for the homeless of King County.

Just $1.50 feeds one homeless person. Every person matters, so there is no amount too small to give.

Please give today by choosing one of the three methods below:

More ways to give

You’re welcome to give via credit card
after selecting an option below.
Otherwise, you can mail a check to:

Babysteps Ministry
7414 181ST PL SW
Edmonds, WA 98026
United States

When you change someone else’s life, your life changes too.

Give a Recurring Gift

Show your commitment to help homeless people. Even small amounts given every month make life-changing discipleship possible.

Give a One-Time Gift

Your gift makes it possible to build relationships with people who are homeless, and be the friend they desperately      desire.

Join the Baby Steps Plan

We believe in baby steps in every aspect of life-even giving.
Here is a baby step plan for you. Start small. Make a difference today.

true homeless story of man who got off the streets in Seattle

Vision Valley Victory.

Get your free copy of Andre Starks’ journey in and out of homelessness.

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You can also help homeless people as you shop!