Peter Kim, Founder/DirectorPeter Kim

My favorite part of working with Babysteps Ministry is making friends with homeless people. After spending some time with them, you will realize they are incredibly interesting people. Some of them have huge hearts for others. I recommend joining us on our mission because it will change your perspective. You will learn the biggest lessons through their experiences and you will be more appreciative of life. I truly believe that the more involved you become with helping the homeless, the more you experience a constant joy.
When I’m not volunteering my time with Babysteps Ministry, I am working as a Seattle-area realtor. I enjoy producing music, ping pong, personal development programs, and MMA training. I am currently writing a book and I want to be an author/speaker.

Sarah MagillSarah Magill
Executive Administrator

As the Executive Administrator, I work behind the scenes of Babysteps Ministry so no balls are dropped – this includes newsletters & blogs, website upkeep, nonprofit requirements, database management, form creation, short & long term planning, banking, volunteer coordination, and everything in between. Babysteps is the best homeless ministry I know of because it meets a real need for Jesus and relationship, not just blankets and food. My hope is that volunteers will grow in their own relationship with the Lord as they seek to walk with the homeless. We grow when we serve and love others.
I am a wife to Dan and mom to Nathan. I work from home for Babysteps Ministry as well as another nonprofit that helps human trafficking survivors in Hetauda, Nepal. I have a degree in Human Services Management. While I don’t join the Babysteps Team on Saturdays, I did complete an extensive 6 month internship in LA where I led 17 outreaches per week to the homeless youth of Santa Monica, Hollywood, and Venice Beach. In my free time, I enjoy digging in my P-Patch and encouraging my friends.

Grace ChoGrace Cho
Board Member / Team Leader
Spiritual Development

As the Team Leader of Spiritual Development, I act as an accountability partner and source of spiritual encouragement for the Core Team. I help us stay on track and not stray from the vision, goals, and foundational beliefs of Babysteps Ministry. My favorite part of this ministry is consistently going to the park with the Babysteps team. I love the fact that we can call the homeless people our friends and they open up their lives to us. This is only possible because we make every effort to be at the park every weekend. My hope is that volunteers might see through the myth that homeless people are scary or hard to talk to. Most of them will open up if you open up to them and are willing to listen to them. Also, you are homeless. All Christians are homeless in the sense that we belong with God in heaven. We are sojourners on this Earth so let’s walk together with those around us.
I joined my father in homeless ministry in Long Beach, CA for 4 years and have been with Babysteps for 3 years. Currently, I am a full-time student. In my spare time, I enjoy making candles and giving them as gifts to friends and family.

Brian HahnBrian Hahn
Board Member

As a member of the Babysteps Team for over 3 years, I contribute ideas, homeless ministry experience and theological input and insights. I love Babysteps’ relational approach to homeless ministry and it’s commitment to adopting specific communities. I’m hoping that volunteering and giving to Babysteps gives perspective on the life and heart of Jesus.
I work at Microsoft full-time. I also draw comics on coffee, tech, and food as my side hustle. I love building community with the people in my city (Federal Way). I also am learning basic photography and maintain a blog.

Noelle FerrariNoelle Ferrari
Team Leader
Relational Meal Events

As the Team Leader for Relational Meal Events, I make sure all our events run as smoothly as possible so that our Disciple-Makers can focus on reaching people instead of worrying about logistics. I love that this opportunity has allowed me to be involved in changing people’s lives. My hope is that all our volunteers will gain empathy; it is easy to ignore or look down on people who are disadvantaged, but whether it is through their own choices or the choices of people around them, no one ends up homeless by accident, and no one will get out of homelessness on accident either.
As my day job, I am a receptionist at a small engineering company in Bellevue. My hobbies include reading, hiking, and hanging out with my husband. An interesting fact about me is that I have been to all 50 states.

Jake Ferrari, Every Nation Volunteer CoordinatorJake Ferrari
Relational Meal Event Coordinator
Every Nation Church

My role with Babysteps Ministry is to generate volunteer interest and coordinate Relational Meal Events for Every Nation Church every 2nd Saturday of the month. I really love this ministry because I believe it goes right to the core of what Jesus did when he was here on earth. The emotion that you see in peoples’ faces when they realize we’re not just there to hand out some food but that we genuinely want to get to know them is absolutely amazing and a completely worthwhile experience. I really hope others will look at the world differently after volunteering with Babysteps and see some of the people out there are no different than you or I. When you come to appreciate the inherent dignity in all persons, you begin to love them without even realizing it.
I am currently a student at UW School of Law and am working as a legal intern at Walgreens. My hobbies include hiking and visiting/trying different Washington breweries. You should also know that I will virtually laugh at any joke you tell me.