Who Are We?

Babysteps is a non-denominational ministry that is based on the Biblical Jesus Christ and what he did and taught. We do not proselytize to the homeless. We are not out there to preach to them on the streets. However, we are guided by our faith.
Jesus taught us to go to the lost sheep, the poor in spirit, and the hopeless. And that’s exactly what we do.


What Do We Believe About Helping The Homeless?


Growth and Healing Through Relationships

We believe in a relational ministry. Homeless people in Seattle do not need another dollar or more free food. They need the love of Jesus expressed through his representatives – his ambassadors. We seek to love those the world has left behind.

Relational Meal Event 2012

Care for the Whole Person

We believe in helping the homeless and the poor in Seattle get back on their feet. We use a program called Holistic Hardware, which was pioneered by Joe Holland in Harlem about 20 years ago. He has led countless people out of homelessness through his approach.


Development, not Relief

We believe giving away free things to the homeless doesn’t help if that’s all you do. In fact, we believe it hurts – both them and us. Research reveals a profound difference between relief and development. The only reason Babysteps gives anything away is as a means to an end. And that end is to build relationships and empower each homeless friend in our influence to take the small steps (baby steps!) that will lead them to the life they want.


We’re Stronger Together

We believe in working together to defeat homelessness in Seattle and King County. We want to unite the community, other nonprofits, businesses, and churches – each with different strengths that intertwine into a strong cord not easily broken. We build together, and invite volunteers to build with us.


Want to join us on a Saturday event and get to know your homeless neighbors?

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